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We've worked with DPS Leeds from the first day they opened their doors (and even before their doors opened) to now, creating everything from signage, websites, AdWords campaigns, identity design, business stationery design, and promotional items.


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A rehearsal and recording studio aren't the first people you'd suggest if we were to ask you who appreciates good design, but DPS Leeds most certainly do. We've worked with them closely since they opened their doors nearly 2 years ago to make sure everything they produce and hand out looks as nice as it can and - most importantly - is on brand.

When we first started working with DPS they already had a logo in place, but it wasn't up to the professional standards that we felt it should have been. Taking their previous logo as a starting point, and starting a fresh with everything else, we created a brand with a unique, stand-out voice, that was also accessible and fun.

When they moved to new premises they needed a website that was more in-line with their new mantra of "Taking Music Further", so we designed and developed their new website, and provided them with a custom CMS to allow them to keep their content fresh. We also advised and developed new sections like the classifieds area, really allowing them to visualise their new brand mantra.


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